King of the Ocean

Alexandra, Germany

Whales are wonderful, majestic and impressive creatures. They are very intelligent too, they like to play and also search for contact to humans. Their kingdom is the ocean, which is polluted and endagered. Let's stand together to clean up the oceans, so that whales can enjoy their lives in their kingdom. My silver bead is a whale blowing out some water which forms together with his back finn a ring around your bracelet. The whale bead can also be worn as a statement for environment protection and animal welfare.

The Designer

Alexandra, Germany

Trollbeads have inspired me for a really long time, I love the many possibilities to express myself by wearing different combinations of Trollbeads. My designs are mostly inspired by nature and the world of fairytales and myths. I hope you like my designs! :)

I love drawing, painting, digital photo art, sculpting, sewing and actually all other kinds of creative work, but that's only my hobbys, I'm not a professional designer, artist or anything like that! ;)

Art, music, animals and nature mean everything to me!