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People's bead

Voting Round 2 is now closed. 

Stay tuned for the winner announcement 30th August 2024. 

We hope that you are just as excited as we are!

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About the event

For the 16th time, we invite you to be part of People’s Bead.
People's Bead is one of our most exciting events where YOU can become a Trollbeads designer. People's Bead is a bead inspired by the people, designed by the people, and selected by the people.
The winning artist will become part of the Trollbeads family of many talented artists and designers. The winner will also receive their bead produced in 18k gold!
The final winner is announced on 30th August 2024, and the winning bead is released in stores and online on 13th September 2024.

Become a designer

To become a designer, you can log in with your previous event account. If you haven't participated before, you will need to create a new account. Then go to "My Page".  Just check the box "I want to design and vote".
Now you are ready to participate!

There are many ways to create your bead design: craft your bead in clay or wax, sketch it on paper, produce a design in Photoshop – whatever works best for you! Remember to show how the bead is placed on a bracelet and make sure to show where the chain will go through.

The hole is approx 4 mm wide, and this needs to be incorporated in your design in correct proportions.  Show us your design from more than one angle. You can upload up to 5 different images of your design to help us understand your design. 

Upload your design image(s) and tell us how you got inspired you and why this incredible design should be part of the Trollbeads collection. Keep in mind that your first uploaded image will be the one displayed in the voting phases. 

Share you designs on social media

When you have uploaded your design, it is time to show it to as many people as possible. Share it on your social media accounts with a link to event site.  You have done great work - so, be proud of it!

Join the jury

We are inviting YOU to be a part of the jury by selecting the winning design!

How does the voting round work? 

Round 1: Vote for the 24 finalists.

First, we will ask you to vote for your favourites among all the submissions and be part of selecting the top 24 designs which will become the finalists. You will be presented with two designs at a time. Choose your favourite. In case two designs are equally beautiful, or not your taste, just click the “I cannot decide” button. 

You will then be presented with the designs in combination with other submissions later in the voting.

You can keep on doing this for as long as you want. The result of this round will be the 24 finalists.

Round 2: Vote for your 3 favourites.

When the 24 finalists have been chosen, you will now need to vote for your top 3 to help us find a winner! The bead with the most votes will win.

Cross your fingers – maybe your favourite will be the winning bead!

Previous Winners

Take a trip down memory lane with us and see the previous winners of People's Bead.
See them here


Submission starts
5th February 2024
Voting Round 1
26th February 2024
Voting Round 2
11th March 2024
Winner announcement!
30th August 2024
Release of winning bead in store and online
13th September 2024