Michelle, USA

This thin rectangular piece would have silver findings and trim as well as a mirror mounted to the back as a hidden feature to add functionality.

I love the quality of craftsmanship and the artwork in Trollbeads and would love to see the artisans have a larger canvas with complete freedom of expression.  I think some large flat rectangular and oval lampwork beads could provide more room for them to shine and create some extraordinary pieces. Naturally, these would be finished with some silver findings at the top/bottom and edges.  

The Designer

Michelle, USA

I  am an IT professional and I love nature, art, wine, travel and creating. My medium is fiber arts; knitting, crochet, spinning, and weaving. I have always wanted to find more ways to display my Trollbead collection and I always wanted to submit a design in the People's Bead Contest. Those two things inspired me to create my entries.

When charm beads became ultra popular, I searched to find the best of the best online and in jewelry stores. This led me directly to Trollbeads and I never looked back.  That was 15 years ago and my collection is still growing.