Mountain Gems - Cyclamen

Alexandra, Germany

It's so fascinating, how life can find a place to grow even on barely hostile environments like stones and rocks up in the mountains. I live near the Alpes and love to go hiking there, so this design reminds me very much of my homecountry. You can see a typical flower of the alpes: cyclamen growing on a mountain silhouette. These wonderful plants have also made it to our homes in large numers and very different colours, so that we almost forgot, where they come from - the rough mountains!

Silver Bead with facetted rose quartz.

Ο Σχεδιαστής

Alexandra, Germany

Trollbeads have inspired me for a really long time, I love the many possibilities to express myself by wearing different combinations of Trollbeads. My designs are mostly inspired by nature and the world of fairytales and myths. I hope you like my designs! :)

I love drawing, painting, digital photo art, sculpting, sewing and actually all other kinds of creative work, but that's only my hobbys, I'm not a professional designer, artist or anything like that! ;)

Art, music, animals and nature mean everything to me!