Starflower Pincushions Spacer  

Okay, so I admit this design has quite a strange name! Scabiosa is part of the honeysuckle family of flowering plants. I’ve based my design on the Scabiosa Stellata, which is also known by the common name Starflower Pincushions. It is an ornamental plant, which features a dense spherical cluster of flowers with delicate fan-like funnel-shaped papery bracts (leaves). I have tried to depict its beautiful shape within my design - which has proven to be quite a challenge to draw! I would like to see this design as a spherical spacer, approximately the same size as the Seed Pods bead, thus making it a good companion for this bead or round gemstones and pearls. Alternatively this could also work as a silver bead.

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Primary submission image
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Amanda, United Kingdom  
I’ve been collecting Trollbeads for 10 years. I love art and design. I am motivated by music and take solace in nature. I enjoy travelling and with every adventure a new bead shares my story.

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