People's Bead 2018

The theme of this year’s People’s Bead has been found! Previous winners have made their suggestions, and you have now made the decision.
Now is the time to prepare a great design.


"I dream about..."

Sharpen your pencil or start molding the clay. It is time to show us, how you would interpret the theme. You can upload your design from March 19 – April 9, and you can upload as many designs as you wish. Remember to share your designs on social media to get your friends and family to boost it.

Join the jury Become a designer

The winning artist will become part of the Trollbeads family of talented artists and designers. The winner will also receive a $5,000 designer’s fee and the winning bead created in 18k gold!
The winner is announced on August 24th, and the winning bead is released in stores and online on September 7th 2018.


March 5th - March 12th
March 19th - April 9th
April 11th - April 27th
May 7th - May 14th
August 24th
September 7th

Be a designer

To become a designer, you sign in and go to your profile.
Just check the box "I want to design and vote".
Now you are ready to participate.

There are many ways to create your bead design: craft your bead in clay or wax, sketch it on paper, or produce a design in Photoshop – whatever works best for you. Remember to show how the bead is placed on a bracelet and make sure you consider and show where the chain goes through.
The hole is approx. 4 mm wide, and this needs to be incorporated in your design in correct proportions. Please show us your design from more than one angle.
You can upload up to 4 different images of your design to help illustrate.

Upload your design image(s) and tell us what inspired you and why this spectacular design is the perfect expression of the theme.

When people visit your design page, they have the chance to give it a boost. In the finals people will be able to see, how many boosts a design has received.

When you have uploaded your design, it is time to show it to as many as possible. They can sign in to boost your design.
Share it on your social media - You have done a great work - be proud of it.
Become a designer

Join the jury

Again this year we are inviting YOU be a part of selecting the winning design from all the submissions!

You can be part of our jury.
• Round 1: Vote for the 24 finalists.
From all the submissions you will first be asked to vote for your favorite entries and be part of selecting the top 24 designs which wil go into the final shortlist.
• Round 2: Vote for your 3 favourites.
We hear the jury loud and clear - now we have a shortlist of the top 24 favourite submissions, and we're now asking you to vote one final time to find the winner. You can vote for your top 3.

Voting consists of two rounds.
First, we must have the finalists. In this round, you will be presented for two designs at a time. Choose the one you think is the best. You can keep on doing this for as long as you want. The result of this round will be th 24 finalists.
Secondly - and now come the most exciting part - we must have a winner. As a jury member you choose your favourite 3 designs among the finalists.
In both rounds, you will be able to see if a design is boosted - and how much. This might help you to make the right choice.

The bead with the most votes in total will win!
Cross your fingers – maybe your favourite will be the winning bead.
Join the jury

About Trollbeads

Trollbeads started life in 1976 in Denmark and is the original beads-on-bracelet concept. 

Trollbeads is an exquisite set of interchangeable jewellery pieces. At the heart of the collection are the beads themselves. Each piece in the Trollbeads collection has its own little history, taking its inspiration from mythology, astrology, fairy tales, nature, spirituality, cultural diversity, and last but certainly not least, in the familiar things of everyday living. 

Personalize your own unique bracelet, bangle, necklace, ring or earrings by adding beads that fits your style, memories, interests and personality. 

Trollbeads jewellery is made from the highest quality raw materials, including 18-carat gold, Sterling silver, Italian glass, freshwater pearls, amber and precious stones, and is created from a blend of traditional and modern techniques. 

People are made of stories – some are defining and some are just for fun. Great stories come from those experiences that are all about the present. Where there is no 'but', only 'be'. 

Every story has a bead.